Why Venture to Bloom?

Your glow up is my glow up.

Venture to Bloom fuses purpose and profitability online to provide Washington, D.C. based small businesses and individuals with soaring web presences.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, creative, or professional, VTB has the tools to help you at each stage in your growth process, from planting the seed (brand purpose + clarity) all the way through watching it flourish (implementing designs, processes, and products that bring in the dough).

Build a brand with flavor. Launch a profitable website. Share your value globally. Let it take you around the world.

I believe in creating thriving, self-built lifestyles by sharing our skills, products, and talents in a way that adds real value. I want to show you how to use the web to help you succeed and be the best version of your true, enterprising self.

Because who wants to conform to corporate standards for the next 30 years of their life? Not I. And I know you don’t either. Let’s be game changers.

With the web at our fingertips, we can accomplish whatever we’re willing to work toward. VTB is about building, winning, and blooming together.

Why Kristen?

VTB Creator-in-Chief

I love helping fellow go-getters reach their full potential and live the successful, vibrant lives they envision for themselves, with the help of the web and its endless possibilities.

I’ve been an entrepreneurial enthusiast since I was a kid (my first elementary school “businesses” were called Jazzy Works and Los Gani LOL). The passion stuck with me through college, where I honed in on my skills as a digital marketing major at the University of Maryland, College Park.

I started an online jewelry boutique after graduating and worked professionally in PR & marketing for a luxury cruise line, which gave me simultaneous insight and experience in eCommerce, running a small business, corporate media relations,  advertising, and elite customer service.

You can have the world; it’s up for grabs. 

Now, I focus on website design and growth strategy. I’m a creator whose canvas is both the world wide web and the world itself, and it’s my mission to help you use both to your advantage. The world is ours. Really!

I’m currently traveling the world doing what I love: creating, connecting with some of the best in the industry, increasing my knowledge base to bring you the absolute best value, and taking daring adventures along the way (check out my travel blog). Starting an online business 3 years ago made it all possible.

I’m a candid, silly, nomadic-spirited Prince George’s County girl who is unwilling to compromise who I am to achieve success. I like rap song quotables that I can sprinkle throughout my site, being eccentric when I feel like it, and posing as a photographer while roaming the streets of (insert any city here). I live to learn and to be inspired. Oh, and I might just be a mermaid.

About Kristen Noelle

Now that you know my story, I’d love to get familiar with yours. Tweet me and introduce yourself!

 Why Washington, DC?

It’s people are pretty amazing

The Washington, DC Metropolitan area is one of the greatest places to hail from.

Outsiders largely know our city as the setting of their favorite political TV drama and the home of the White House, where there is captivating novelty, celebrated monuments, and refreshed neighborhoods.

I know, however, that underneath the veil, a mecca of vibrancy, culture, and creative talent illuminates the district. A gifted population of artists, influencers, entrepreneurs, and trailblazing professionals all collectively define the coolest city in the world. 

Whether we’re suburbia-dwelling in Maryland or Virginia, or right in the thick of the city, we’re savvy, resourceful, and fascinatingly eccentric. But, our area is still a little slept on. I created Venture to Bloom to help change that.

I want to help shine the spotlight on the forward-thinking businesses & talented individuals bred in the DMV through establishing strategic online presences. 

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