I love helping DMV-based entrepreneurs & creatives execute web strategies that allow them to reach more of the world. Let’s build our dream lifestyles.

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Elevate your impact. Improve your brand’s online presence with an optimized website designed to stand out & killer content that encourages action.

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Learn how to build your own professional + profitable website, no coding required. Read my free guide for all the key ingredients.

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Venture to Bloom, LLC provides premium web development, brand clarity, and online advertising for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area who want to expand their web presence beyond the District. Increase your value, your audience, and your profits by flourishing with a boss website design and online entrepreneurship strategy.

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7 Steps to Creating Your First

Professional + Profitable Website

No coding experience? No problem!
A Complete Beginner’s Guide
For Small Business Owners, Creatives, Professionals, and Bloggers who want to share their value impactfully online
Venture to Bloom  Responsive Web Design

Don’t have the time to figure it all out on your own? I’m on it.

You’re busy creating your empire; I understand.

I deliver smart design with you and your squad (audience) in mind —

Websites and brands crafted with the keys to success.

Get a beautiful, high quality, responsive website published, designed to attract customers who will love your brand. I stick with three of the best platforms – WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace – to deliver customized, professional websites that pop and look great on all devices.

Get a boss brand design package that includes logo, business card, letterhead, and more.Together we’ll clarify your brand: its identity, purpose, target audience, and a system for letting that revenue rain. Receive a tailored plan to get yourself in front of the right people and double your profitability.

Your email address list is your most valuable asset for flourishing in the online space. Implement strategies to attract your first 1,000+ email sign ups, to launch physical or digital products via email sequences, and to convert your subscribers into clients/customers.

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The web at your fingertips. The world to your advantage.

Venture to Bloom is rooted in providing outstanding value to visionaries who want to make their passion more profitable. Expand your digital influence and watch the world become increasingly more accessible to you. Work smart and cultivate brand loyalty now, so you can sit back and relax under those palm trees later. Sound like a plan?

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  • Working with Kristen on my website was an absolute pleasure! She has incredible knowledge in website building along with an unmatched work ethic. Every email/task is responded to and completed in a timely manner and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to push their brand/product to the next level.


    Vernon S.
    Vernon Strayhorn, Drummer
  • Kristen worked with my group and me to meet our needs for the perfect website. She implemented what we wanted within a practical functioning website. She was great from beginning to end – letting us know what was possible for our site and providing expertise on what was needed. She not only helped bring our vision to life, but also provided additional help by making sure it was search engine optimized and by setting up our email list. Overall it was a pleasure to work with Kristen.

    Charles A.
    Hazie Thoughts
  • I would recommend Venture to Bloom any day of the week. Kristen was wonderful to work with in creating my debut website for my music releases. She was also very helpful throughout the tutorial process when teaching me how to update the site myself and email my VIP subscribers.

    Markus P.
    Marky P Music



“Technology has empowered everybody. It’s as big as you want to make it.”

It’s All in the Execution

Web Design

I get to know your story and your vision, and strategize with you on creating a profitable website that stands out. Your site will be:

  • customized to reflect your unique brand value & style
  • optimized for search engines so that you can be found on Google
  • seamlessly responsive across all devices, including mobile phones and tablets

Brand Design

Haven’t yet defined your brand or its strategy? Let’s fix that.

We’ll develop a brand guide around your business or your lifestyle that communicates your “why.” To share your gift with the world and attract your ideal customers, your message needs to be sensibly executed and attractively packaged. This includes the art + science behind your brand, as well as the tangibles: logo, business card, blog, and graphic design.

Search Engine Optimization

Have a website but don’t know how to appear in search engines? I create and execute growth strategies that bring your website quality visitors and converts those leads into customers. I utilize Search Engine Optimization best practices to ensure your website is Google friendly. Search is crucial for your growth because it’s always on, it’s everywhere, and it delivers high return on investment.

Email Marketing

Are your email subscriber responsible for the majority of your sales? If not, work with Venture to Bloom to create content that your audience will be excited to consume and purchase. Your email list is the most important asset for growing revenue in your business. Nurture customers, control your marketing message, and drive long term brand loyalty with smart, non-spammy emailing campaigns.

Google Ads + Facebook Advertising

All of the work you put into building your brand and your website is for nothing if no one knows it’s there. Get seen and get your money! Together we’ll collaborate to run effective, highly-targeted through the channel (Google Ads or Facebook Advertising Campaigns ) that will give you the best exposure. I will do market research to discover where your audience is online, and use relevant keywords to get you in front of them to increase your traffic + sales.

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